Bioidentical Hormones


Why Bio- Identical Hormones? What are bio-identical hormones?

Bio-identical hormones are hormones that are the same as the hormones made in your body. They are derived from plant sources such as soy or yams. Synthetic usually refers to hormones that have been changed from the natural form. These hormones have been adulterated so they are no longer the same as the hormones your body makes.

When the Women’s Health Initiative study results came out proving the dangers of the most commonly prescribed hormone replacement therapies (HRT) namely Premarin and Provera many women abruptly discontinued all HRT. Women were miserable. Bio-identical hormones which had been around for many years started to see more press. Suzanne Somers helped start a revolution. Women started to ask questions and demand answers. There are clear advantages of Bi-identical hormones. Most important they perform the same as your own ovary or adrenal gland made hormones.

There is some confusing information about BHRT. For instance there are BHRT that can be otaned at traditional phramacies. However the dosages are limited. Compounding pharmacies can custom make the dosage as well as provide a variety of choices for administration such as creams, gels, capsules, troches, and suppositories. The other advantage of BHRT is that compounded hormones can be adjusted to your individual needs for optimal results.


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